Welcome to All That Know Him.

Imagine how ancient Job must have felt when the first “All That Know Him” movement was conceived. As a result, Job’s friends came bearing monetary gifts of love and appreciation which more than restored his monetary losses! Our modern day re-work of All That Know Him is based on the idea that the internet and social networks could be used as a platform to attract and inspire very large numbers of Christians to give very small gifts to a single worthy person, just as was originally done for Job.

This gifting is intended to be in addition to all other charitable gifting as a show of Christian solidarity in support of individuals who have suffered monetary loss and become news stories because of their righteous convictions.

The first challenge was to construct a website to allow for fast and efficient electronic online gifting using Credit Cards and PayPal.

The second challenge was to cost-effectively attract the world’s attention through the media. This was achieved through the controversial selection of the first recipient and was fitting because it was through watching the courage and outspokenness of the first recipient in the media that the movement was originally conceived. Amazingly, the hostility and vindictiveness of this same media which hates Christians, has been used to build our movement beyond anything we could have done without their unwitting assistance.

Stephen Baldwin was the first recipient selected and this honor was entirely unsolicited by him. Our choice attracted an incredible amount of worldwide media attention enabling us to garner large numbers of Christians who registered on our site and selflessly gave very small gifts of appreciation. At times the site has had so many viewers that our server became overwhelmed, causing us to completely upgrade our hardware.

Thanks to the media’s assault on Stephen Baldwin, the movement now has the ability to communicate online with large numbers of good-hearted and selfless people who have the ability to bless the next recipient with a small gift if they chose to do so when prompted.

Without the courage that was clearly witnessed in Stephen Baldwin’s life this movement would not have been conceived and without his participation and the cooperation of the media, this movement would never have received such phenomenal recogniotion. Current upgrades in progress will allow our site to better share the full vision of this new movement in much greater detail and facilitate your giving to recipients as you wish.
A new Testament example of this conduct is found in Luke 6:29 where Jesus tells the Christians to yield to the new nature even if it means giving away their shirt. In the same message (Luke 6:38) Jesus says to give and men shall give back to you. If we can restore or expand this Christian conduct of over-and-above believer-to-believer gifting when loss is suffered, we could be better at verse 29. Without the action in verse 38 verse 29 ceases to be practiced.

In Matthew 22:38 Jesus said the second most important thing is “You shall love your neighbor as yourself.
If you have any questions about the movement, please contact us at general@allthatknowhim.org.